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  1. Creation is revelation: necessarily, intentionally and exclusively.
  2. This revelation is full and clear.
  3. Eternal life is knowing God.
  4. The knowledge of God is through the work of dominion.
  5. The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.


  1. The covenant of creation: representation, probation and manifestation; the covenant of marriage.
  2. Temptation: the purpose, the agent and the argument.
  3. Sin: not seeking, not understanding and not doing what is right.
  4. Death: two kinds of death: physical and spiritual; the wages of sin is spiritual death.
  5. Theodicy: why is there evil? Evil deepens the divine revelation.


  1. The first call back: shame (inward/conscience).

The first response: self-deception (cover up).

  1. The second call back: self-examination (outward/the question).

The second response: self-justification (blaming others).

  1. The third call back: the promise and the curse.

              The promise: spiritual war, age long and agonizing; good will overcome evil.

              The curse: toil, strife, and old age, sickness and death; war famine and plague.

The third response: repentance and faith (names his wife Eve).

  1. Justification: forgiveness of sin through the death of another (the coats of skin).
  2. Sanctification: cleansing from sin through suffering (the expulsion).

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