Teacher: Philosophy and Theology

Born 1943, raised in a Hindu family

Anglican Grammar School (Jamaica W.I.)

Presbyterian Middle School (Trinidad W.I.)


Catholic High School (a year and a half, St. Mary’s College, Trinidad W.I.)

Stuyvesant High School (two years, New York City)

Scottsdale High School, AZ (one semester, graduated Fall 1959)


B.A. Philosophy, B.A. Literature, Arizona State University (January 1960 – January 1964)


Converted from existential atheism to Christianity (December 1961)


M.A. Literature, ASU (1968)

M.A. Philosophy, University of Arizona (1973)


Academic Teaching: Philosophy Teacher (1968–2013)

Phoenix College (1968–1987)

Taught: Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, World Religions, Eastern Civilizations (9 years), Interdisciplinary Humanities (10 years)

Paradise Valley Community College (1987–2013)

Taught: Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, World Religions, Philosophy of Religion, Introduction to Christianity

Led Faculty Seminars in Great Books (3 semesters)

Taught occasional courses in History of Philosophy and in Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Literature and Philosophy of History


Author: Philosophical Foundation: A Critical Analysis of Basic Beliefs (University Press of America, 2008)


Teaching in the Church (1975–present)

Came to Historic Christianity (1968–1972) (summed up in The Westminster Confession of Faith, 1648)

Elder: Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (1975–1987)

Organizing Pastor: Westminster Fellowship, Phoenix, AZ (1994–present)

Theology Teacher: Logos Theological Seminary, Phoenix, AZ (1994–present)

Ph.D. Natural Theology (2008), Reformed International Theological Seminary (Florida, USA).


Author: Theological Foundation: A Critical Analysis of Christian Belief (in progress)


President: The Logos Foundation (

The Logos Foundation serves academic education in Liberal Arts and Theology


Married 1964–present, 3 children