Topic: Hope


The Cornerstone: Good & Evil — Life & Death

The cornerstone is the beginning of the foundation. The choice of good or evil is the existential first principle: it is the most basic choice for all men, everywhere, at all times . . .
PAPER No. 13

The Biblical Worldview: Creation–Fall–Redemption (Concise Version)

Creation is revelation: necessarily, intentionally and exclusively. The revelation is full and clear. Eternal life is knowing God. The knowledge of God is through the work of dominion . . .
PAPER No. 14

The Biblical Worldview: Creation–Fall–Redemption (Expanded Version)

The Biblical Worldview of Creation–Fall–Redemption in Genesis 1-3 is foundational for all of life. Foundation is necessary to go on to maturity, fruitfulness, unity of the faith, and . . .
PAPER No. 19

Foundation for Philosophy of History

Human beings as thinking beings seek to make sense of their world through forming a worldview. Presuppositions are the basic beliefs we use to interpret our experience . . .