Topic: Life and Death


The Cornerstone: Good & Evil — Life & Death

The cornerstone is the beginning of the foundation. The choice of good or evil is the existential first principle: it is the most basic choice for all men, everywhere, at all times . . .

The Moral Law: Derived from Human Nature

The moral law is clear; it is grounded in human nature, which is easily knowable by all human beings. The moral law is for all men, everywhere, at all times. The moral law is teleological . . .
PAPER No. 10

The Moral Law: The Origin, Nature, Law, Application and Consequences of the Moral Laws

Ethics assumes choice, choice assumes values and values assume the concept of the good. What is particularly sought in ethics is rational justification, which guarantees that . . .
PAPER No. 13

The Biblical Worldview: Creation–Fall–Redemption (Concise Version)

Creation is revelation: necessarily, intentionally and exclusively. The revelation is full and clear. Eternal life is knowing God. The knowledge of God is through the work of dominion . . .
PAPER No. 14

The Biblical Worldview: Creation–Fall–Redemption (Expanded Version)

The Biblical Worldview of Creation–Fall–Redemption in Genesis 1-3 is foundational for all of life. Foundation is necessary to go on to maturity, fruitfulness, unity of the faith, and . . .