Topic: Sin and Death


The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil is the deepest, most widespread objection to belief in God. The Problem of Evil is: If God is all good and all powerful why is there evil? . . .
PAPER No. 12

The Necessity for Scripture: General Revelation Requires Special Revelation

Understanding the necessity for Scripture is the first step in the process of rationally going from General Revelation to Special Revelation. After Necessity there is understanding . . .
PAPER No. 13

The Biblical Worldview: Creation–Fall–Redemption (Concise Version)

Creation is revelation: necessarily, intentionally and exclusively. The revelation is full and clear. Eternal life is knowing God. The knowledge of God is through the work of dominion . . .
PAPER No. 14

The Biblical Worldview: Creation–Fall–Redemption (Expanded Version)

The Biblical Worldview of Creation–Fall–Redemption in Genesis 1-3 is foundational for all of life. Foundation is necessary to go on to maturity, fruitfulness, unity of the faith, and . . .